Eldrazi in MTG: Lore, History, Best Cards & More

The Eldrazi in Magic: The Gathering (MTG) are among the game’s most intriguing and menacing villains, characterized by their bizarre forms, inscrutable goals, and abundance of tentacles. These cosmic horrors are essentially the Elder Gods of the MTG multiverse, interdimensional beings that traverse from plane to plane, absorbing mana and causing destruction. Originating from the […]

What is Stax in Magic: the Gathering?

The “Stax” deck is the most controversial deck type in “Magic: The Gathering”.  By announcing your intention to play a Stax deck at a table, you can trigger both excitement and whimpering in equal measure from other players. However, playing with or against a Stax deck can transform Magic into a delicate puzzle that needs […]

How to Make MTG Proxies

MTG proxies have become a popular solution as players seek to test new decks or play casually without the financial burden of rare cards. Proxies are replicas of official MTG cards, used primarily for playtesting and casual games. This guide explores the process of creating these proxies, ensuring players can enjoy the game to its […]

An Overview of Every Major MTG Format

Whether you’re a seasoned planeswalker or new to the multiverse, understanding MTG formats is your first step toward mastering this game. From the rapid rotations of Standard to the battles of Legacy and Vintage, each format beckons in different ways.  Today, we will cover all of the major formats in Magic: the Gathering. Constructed Formats […]

How To Play Two-Headed Giant in Magic

Magic: The Gathering embraces several playstyles that appeal to different types of players, whether they are competitive ‘Spikes’ aiming for challenging heads-up matches, or casual card-slingers looking to relax with a friendly game of Commander. Two-Headed Giant (2HG) falls somewhere squarely in the middle, but there’s a catch: You need a partner. If you’ve ever […]

Every Magic: the Gathering Set in Order

Magic: The Gathering has seen many sets released throughout its nearly 30-year history. These releases have introduced various mechanics, planes, and Planeswalkers, captivating summoners worldwide. Initially starting with one or two expansions per year, the franchise has evolved into a series of annual releases, bringing a vast collection of new boosters and cards to the […]

What is Cardstock Paper

Cardstock paper, a versatile and durable material, stands out in the paper world for its thickness and strength, distinguishing it from traditional printer paper. Ideal for a variety of applications, cardstock comes in an array of colors, textures, thicknesses, and finishes, tailored to meet the specific needs of projects ranging from invitations and business cards […]

What is Amass Orcs in Magic: the Gathering?

Magic: The Gathering (MTG) has long been celebrated for its ability to blend complex gameplay with immersive storytelling. The introduction of the “Amass” mechanic in the War of the Spark set marked a significant addition to this tradition, allowing players to summon and strengthen Army tokens through various spells and abilities. Originally themed around zombies, […]

MTG Color Combinations Explained: What Are MTG’s Color Pairs?

Are you trying to distinguish your Gruul from your Grixis? Let us assist with this guide to the names of MTG’s color combinations. Magic: The Gathering The five mana colors of Magic The Gathering can be combined into various MTG color combinations. There are dozens of possible MTG color combos, each with unique playstyle and […]

MTG Setlist: All Magic: The Gathering Sets in Order

Upcoming Magic: the Gathering Sets Set Name Release Date Murders at Karlov Manor February 2024 Ravnica: Clue Edition February 2024 Fallout March 2024 Modern Horizons III Q2 2024 Outlaws of Thunder Junction Q2 2024 Assassin’s Creed July 2024 Bloomburrow Q3 2024 Duskmourn: House of Horror Q3 2024 Innistrad Remastered Q1 2025 Marvel 2025 Final Fantasy […]