Eldrazi in MTG: Lore, History, Best Cards & More

The Eldrazi in Magic: The Gathering (MTG) are among the game’s most intriguing and menacing villains, characterized by their bizarre forms, inscrutable goals, and abundance of tentacles. These cosmic horrors are essentially the Elder Gods of the MTG multiverse, interdimensional beings that traverse from plane to plane, absorbing mana and causing destruction. Originating from the […]

What is Stax in Magic: the Gathering?

The “Stax” deck is the most controversial deck type in “Magic: The Gathering”.  By announcing your intention to play a Stax deck at a table, you can trigger both excitement and whimpering in equal measure from other players. However, playing with or against a Stax deck can transform Magic into a delicate puzzle that needs […]

What is Equip in MTG and How Does it Work?

The fundamental gameplay element in Magic: The Gathering (MTG) is the Equip mechanic.  It is introduced in the Mirrodin block. To enhance their creatures’ abilities or stats, it allows players to attach equipment artifacts to their creatures. Unlike other card types, equipment remains on the battlefield and can be reassigned to different creatures using its […]

How Do Enchantments and Auras Work in Magic?

Enchantments are cards that have a lasting effect on the game once they are played. They can influence the battlefield by providing ongoing benefits or detriments, modifying rules of play, or even transforming the game’s environment. Unlike other card types that might have a one-time effect or be used for direct combat, enchantments persist on […]

Monarch MTG Overview Rules, Cards & More

Are you ready to don your royal robes and ascend to the throne in your next Magic: The Gathering multiplayer clash? If the allure of power, strategy, and a hint of danger excites you, then the Monarch mechanic is your ticket to ruling the game. Unlike typical abilities or keywords, Monarch is a designation a […]

Introduction to Proliferate in MTG

Ever wondered what makes Magic: The Gathering tick? It’s not just the spell-slinging or the creature combat; the clever mechanics keep the game fresh and exciting. And if there’s one mechanic that’s a real game-changer, it’s proliferate. Imagine having the power to spread counters around like wildfire, boosting your creatures, amping up your planeswalkers, and […]

Defender Keyword Overview in Magic: the Gathering

In MTG, the Defender ability is a unique trait assigned to certain creatures. Simply put, creatures with this ability are unable to attack. Initially, this might sound like a drawback. Why have a creature that can’t attack? However, the genius of MTG’s design lies in the balance and depth of its gameplay. Defenders typically possess […]

What is Meld in Magic: the Gathering

In Magic: The Gathering, characters often ascend to powers they once thought unimaginable. But sometimes, that change is so significant that it fundamentally transforms them into a new being. Whether it’s a spark igniting to become a Planeswalker, a completion into a Phyrexian, or a twist by the Eldrazi, such major transformations call for a […]

Radiation Mechanic Explained in Magic: the Gathering

Radiation in Magic: The Gathering (MTG), specifically through the Rad Counters mechanic introduced in the Universes Beyond: Fallout crossover, mimics the concept of radiation from the Fallout series. Rad Counters are unique player-based counters that both represent radiation levels and affect gameplay. Players mill cards and lose life equal to the number of Rad Counters […]

Menace in Magic: the Gathering Explained

In MTG, the ability to “menace” necessitates that two or more creatures block a creature during combat. It was introduced with the Magic Origins set in 2015, replacing the intimidate mechanic. Menace is primarily found in black and red cards and has been included in almost every set since its introduction. The ability enhances combat […]