Magic: The Gathering Final Fantasy Universes Beyond Preview

Magic: The Gathering (MTG) has embarked on a journey beyond its traditional realms of Ravnica and Dominaria, exploring crossovers with other iconic franchises. With successful ventures into the universes of The Walking Dead, Warhammer 40,000, Arcane, and The Lord of the Rings, MTG has demonstrated a knack for integrating diverse worlds into its gameplay. The announcement of a Final Fantasy crossover within the Universes Beyond series promises an exciting fusion of two beloved fantasy realms.

Final Fantasy’s Integration into MTG

As MTG prepares to welcome the vast lore of Final Fantasy, fans are buzzing with anticipation. Mark Rosewater, the head designer for MTG, hinted at a “tentpole booster release” akin to the Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-earth, suggesting a comprehensive set that includes both a full, draftable set and accompanying Commander decks.

Potential Themes for Final Fantasy Commander Decks

With every numbered Final Fantasy game from the original to FF16 on the table, the possibilities are vast. Final Fantasy 7, with its iconic characters like Cloud, Tifa, and Sephiroth, is almost guaranteed to headline one of the Commander decks. The challenge lies in capturing the essence of these characters and translating their stories and abilities into the mechanics of MTG.

Exploring Other Final Fantasy Titles

Beyond the certainty of Final Fantasy 7’s inclusion, speculation abounds regarding the themes of the other Commander decks. Final Fantasy 10 and 13, with their rich worlds and sequels, present compelling options. Characters such as Tidus and Yuna or Lightning and Snow could serve as face commanders, offering players a chance to delve into less explored territories of the Final Fantasy universe.

Final Fantasy 16’s recent release and confirmed inclusion in the set adds another layer of excitement. The potential for double-sided cards representing characters and their Eikons, along with mechanics that reflect the epic battles of the game, could bring a new dynamic to MTG gameplay.

Villains and Iconic Elements in MTG

The treatment of villains in the Final Fantasy Universes Beyond set raises intriguing questions. With a legacy of memorable antagonists, the set could potentially feature a deck dedicated to the darker characters of the series, with Sephiroth as a likely candidate for the face commander.

Imagining the Possibilities

The Universes Beyond series allows for creative interpretations of the crossover worlds. From decks centered around Food tokens inspired by Ignis’s culinary skills to a Chocobo-themed deck, the possibilities are endless. This crossover presents an opportunity to blend the mechanics of MTG with the narrative depth and character richness of Final Fantasy.


The anticipation for the Final Fantasy crossover with Magic: The Gathering is palpable among fans of both franchises. With a wide array of characters, themes, and stories to draw from, the upcoming set promises to be a thrilling addition to the MTG universe. As we look forward to more details and the eventual release next year, the excitement for what could be is a testament to the enduring appeal and imaginative potential of these two legendary worlds coming together.

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