Pokémon Company Reveals a Card with Pikachu Wearing a Batik Shirt

From the creators who introduced Pikachu in a felt grey hat, comes Pikachu in a batik shirt.

Turns out, dressing Pikachu in unique attire and transforming his new look into a Pokémon card can stir up quite a buzz. Last year’s Van Gogh promo card caused such a commotion that it led to a minor riot at the artist’s museum in Amsterdam. However, Pokémon seems determined to manage such events without incident, as a new card featuring Pikachu in a different outfit will be available throughout Indonesia this year.

Reported by PokeGuardian, the card is being printed and distributed as part of Pikachu’s Indonesia Journey. The artwork on the card depicts Pikachu wearing a batik shirt, a traditional Indonesian garment crafted using wax during the manufacturing process. Patterns are formed on the cloth by printing wax onto it, protecting certain areas while dyeing the rest, resulting in intricate designs. If you’ve never seen a batik shirt before, take a look at the one Pikachu is wearing on the card.

Extending the Partnership

This card also extends the partnership that brought about the Pikachu plane, which has been spotted traversing Asia. The aircraft, almost entirely yellow, features images of Pikachu carried by balloons covering its surface. As for obtaining the card, it seems Pokémon has learned some lessons from the Van Gogh Museum incident in 2023.

The card will be distributed through events held in cities across Indonesia in 2024, with availability in Indonesian shops at a later date. Although specific details regarding when and where the card will be available have not been disclosed, hopefully, Pokémon will handle this release similarly to the Van Gogh card. To prevent extreme measures to acquire it and lower its resale price, over 100,000 felt hat Pikachu cards have been printed for distribution in the Netherlands.

Anticipation for Pokémon Day

Pokémon fans are eagerly anticipating Pokémon Day, with the video game horizon currently appearing quite barren. All of Scarlet & Violet’s DLC has been released, and there’s currently no indication of what’s to come next. The expectation is that announcements will be made on Pokémon Day, which falls on February 27. However, The Pokémon Company’s reveals may need to align with Nintendo’s plans, potentially gearing up to unveil its successor to the Switch soon.

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