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Tokens are arguably the least controversial type of proxy card on the market. That’s because literally anything can act as a token when you play the game.

But if you’re like us, you want all your cards, including tokens, to be as cool and unique as possible. So why not create your own token designs with this template.

A token is a permanent one that doesn’t have a representative regular MTG card. Instead of casting from a zone (such as the hand) like regular cards, tokens typically result from the effects of many different spells and abilities.

Tokens, while usually creatures, have the potential to be any permanent type, including artifacts. Once on the battlefield, they function just like any other permanent, offering a versatile gameplay experience. It’s crucial for beginners to differentiate tokens, which are permanents, from counters, which are placed on permanents or given to players.

Tokens, in their unique nature, can only exist on the battlefield. If a token leaves the battlefield and enters another game zone, it can’t change zones again, and it will be there only briefly before a state-based action makes it cease to exist. However, this concept no longer applies to phased-out tokens – tokens phase out and back in just like other permanents. Similarly, tokens can have any status such as tapped or even face down, adding an intriguing element to the game.

Some creatures and artifacts subtypes only appear on tokens. Nine kinds of artifact tokens, one creature token, and eight enchantment tokens have predefined characteristics in the game rules so that cards can create them very concisely. These subtypes may exist on non-token cards, but when they do, they act as normal subtypes. They do not have any special rules associated with them when not used to create a token.

Features of Our Custom MTG Token Maker:

  1. Best-in-Class Templates: Choose from a wide range of professionally designed templates that capture the essence of Magic: The Gathering. Whether you need tokens for creatures, artifacts, or any other type, our collection has you covered.
  2. Easy Customization Tools: Our intuitive interface allows you to effortlessly personalize your tokens. Add your own images, text, and choose from various design elements to create a token that truly represents your style and strategy.
  3. High-Quality Printing: We understand the importance of quality in card games. That’s why we print your custom tokens on premium, smooth S33 card stock, renowned for its durability and excellent feel. This high-grade material ensures that your tokens not only look professional but also withstand the rigors of regular play.
  4. Ideal for All MTG Players: Whether you’re a casual player, a tournament enthusiast, or a collector, our Custom MTG Token Maker is perfect for adding that personal touch to your deck. Impress your friends and opponents with tokens that are uniquely yours.
  5. Fast and Efficient Service: We pride ourselves on quick turnaround times. Your custom tokens will be printed and shipped with the utmost care, ensuring they reach you in perfect condition, ready for your next game.

Design Your Own MTG Cards

Our design tools make it easy to design and print your own custom MTG cards. Whether you want to make custom proxy cards of ultra-rare cards like Black Lotus, or make a card as a gift for a friend or family member. We make it easy. 

Quality Proxy Printing and Great Prices

Our high quality printing lets you create high quality totally customized MTG cards at a great price. You can buy a single custom Magic: the Gathering card, or buy in bulk and save!


We use a premium playing card stock that mirrors the thickness and weight of standard MTG cards. When your custom cards are sleeved, there will be no discernable difference from real Magic cards in terms of size etc.

Designing your own MTG cards is both fun and rewarding. For example, artists love to use our service so they can showcase their own artwork. You may want to make cards in a certain theme, such as video game or anime characters.

We often get customers that want to make a card of themself or someone they know. For example, it might be a card with a friends picture on it for a birthday gift or other celebration. Think of the cards Richard Garfield made to celebrate his children and family.

We’ve seen some really cool things that companies have done for employees, too. 

Long story short, there are tons of neat ideas and reasons why you might want to make your own cards.

Reach out to us, our team can help with the design elements as needed.