Eldrazi in MTG: Lore, History, Best Cards & More

The Eldrazi in Magic: The Gathering (MTG) are among the game’s most intriguing and menacing villains, characterized by their bizarre forms, inscrutable goals, and abundance of tentacles. These cosmic horrors are essentially the Elder Gods of the MTG multiverse, interdimensional beings that traverse from plane to plane, absorbing mana and causing destruction. Originating from the […]

How a Turn Works in MTG – Phases Explained

No matter what format you’re playing or what deck you brought to the table, one thing rarely changes in Magic: The Gathering — the turns. Knowing the end steps from your upkeeps, when to clean up or when to untap, and how to go to combat is essential from your first game. And yet, it’s […]

The Biggest Creatures in Magic: the Gathering

Magic: The Gathering cards come in many forms ranging from devastating sorcery spells to helpful artifacts. By and large, the most common and widely played cards in Magic are creatures. Capable of attacking and blocking, many creatures primarily act in combat and are often a deck’s primary source of dealing damage. Over eleven thousand unique […]