Every Magic: the Gathering Set in Order

Magic: The Gathering has seen many sets released throughout its nearly 30-year history. These releases have introduced various mechanics, planes, and Planeswalkers, captivating summoners worldwide. Initially starting with one or two expansions per year, the franchise has evolved into a series of annual releases, bringing a vast collection of new boosters and cards to the community.

As of 2024, the trading card game has witnessed the launch of over 100 MTG sets, making it a formidable task to stay current. With Wizards of the Coast unveiling new card spoilers bi-weekly and MTG Arena featuring exclusive MTG Alchemy and MTG Explorer releases, keeping abreast of all contemporary and historical sets poses a significant challenge.

We have compiled a list of all MTG sets, encompassing core, expansion, compilation, and supplemental sets. In contrast, we are excluding boxed sets and decks, such as the MTG Warhammer 40k crossover and MTG Secret Lair drops.

For convenience, the released MTG sets are listed in reverse chronological order, allowing easy navigation from the newest to the oldest sets. Additionally, we have gathered details on all recently announced MTG sets in order of their anticipated release dates. We recommend consulting our specialized guides for more information about the MTG release schedule for 2024. Happy exploring!

Upcoming MTG Sets:

Set NameRelease YearType
Outlaws of Thunder Junction2024Expansion Set
Modern Horizons 32024Supplemental Set
Bloomburrow2024Expansion Set
Duskmourn2024Expansion Set

Released MTG Sets in Order:

Set NameRelease DateType
Murders at Karlov ManorFebruary 9, 2024Expansion Set
Ravnica RemasteredJanuary 12, 2024Compilation Set
The Lost Caverns of IxalanNovember 17, 2023Expansion Set
Wilds of EldraineSeptember 8, 2023Expansion Set
Commander MastersAugust 4, 2023Compilation Set
MTG Lord of the RingsJune 23, 2023Universes Beyond Set
March of the Machine: The AftermathMay 12, 2023Supplemental Set
March of the MachineApril 21, 2023Expansion Set
Phyrexia: All Will Be OneFebruary 10, 2023Expansion Set
Dominaria RemasteredJanuary 13, 2023Compilation Set
Jumpstart 2022December 2, 2022Supplemental Set
The Brothers’ WarNovember 18, 2022Expansion Set
UnfinityOctober 7, 2022Un-set
Dominaria: UnitedSeptember 9, 2022Expansion Set
Double Masters 2022July 8, 2022Compilation Set
Battle for Baldur’s GateJune 10, 2022Supplemental Set
Streets of New CapennaApril 29, 2022Expansion Set
Kamigawa: Neon DynastyFebruary 18, 2022Expansion Set
Innistrad: Crimson VowNovember 19, 2021Expansion Set
Innistrad: Midnight HuntSeptember 24, 2021Expansion Set
Adventures in the Forgotten RealmsJuly 23, 2021Expansion Set
Modern Horizons 2June 18, 2021Supplemental Set
Strixhaven: School of MagesApril 23, 2021Expansion Set
Time Spiral RemasteredMarch 19, 2021Compilation Set
KaldheimFebruary 5, 2021Expansion Set
Kaladesh RemasteredNovember 12, 2020Compilation Set
Zendikar RisingSeptember 25, 2020Expansion Set
Double MastersAugust 7, 2020Compilation Set
Jumpstart2020Supplemental Set
Core Set 20212020Core Set
Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths2020Expansion Set
Theros Beyond Death2020Expansion Set
Game Night 20192019Box Set
Throne of Eldraine2019Expansion Set
Core Set 20202019Core Set
Modern Horizons2019Supplemental Set
War of the Spark2019Expansion Set
Ravnica Allegiance2019Expansion Set
Ultimate Masters2018Compilation Set
Game Night2018Box Set
Guilds of Ravnica2018Expansion Set
Core Set 20192018Core Set
Dominaria2018Expansion Set
Masters 252018Compilation Set
Rivals of Ixalan2018Expansion Set
Iconic Masters2017Compilation Set
Ixalan2017Expansion Set
Hour of Devastation2017Expansion Set
Amonkhet2017Expansion Set
Aether Revolt2017Expansion Set
Kaladesh2016Expansion Set
Eldritch Moon2016Expansion Set
Eternal Masters2016Compilation Set
Shadows over Innistrad2016Expansion Set
Oath of the Gatewatch2016Expansion Set
Battle for Zendikar2015Expansion Set
Magic Origins2015Core Set
Modern Masters 20152015Compilation Set
Tempest Remastered2015Compilation Set
Dragons of Tarkir2015Expansion Set
Fate Reforged2015Expansion Set
Khans of Tarkir2014Expansion Set
Magic 20152014Core Set
Vintage Masters2014Compilation Set
Conspiracy2014Supplemental Set
Journey into Nyx2014Expansion Set
Born of the Gods2014Expansion Set
Theros2013Expansion Set
Magic 20142013Core Set
Modern Masters2013Compilation Set
Dragon’s Maze2013Expansion Set
Gatecrash2013Expansion Set
Return to Ravnica2012Expansion Set
Magic 20132012Core Set
Avacyn Restored2012Expansion Set
Dark Ascension2012Expansion Set
Innistrad2011Expansion Set
Magic 20122011Core Set
New Phyrexia2011Expansion Set
Mirrodin Besieged2011Expansion Set
Scars of Mirrodin2010Expansion Set
Magic 20112010Core Set
Archenemy2010Supplemental Set
Duels of the Planeswalkers2010Box Set
Rise of the Eldrazi2010Expansion Set
Worldwake2010Expansion Set
Zendikar2009Expansion Set
Magic 20102009Core Set
Alara Reborn2009Expansion Set
Conflux2009Expansion Set
Shards of Alara2008Expansion Set
Eventide2008Expansion Set
Shadowmoor2008Expansion Set
Morningtide2008Expansion Set
Lorwyn2007Expansion Set
Tenth Edition2007Core Set
Future Sight2007Expansion Set
Planar Chaos2007Expansion Set
Time Spiral2006Expansion Set
Coldsnap2006Expansion Set
Dissension2006Expansion Set
Guildpact2006Expansion Set
Ravnica: City of Guilds2005Expansion Set
Salvat 20052005Compilation Set
Ninth Edition2005Core Set
Saviors of Kamigawa2005Expansion Set
Betrayers of Kamigawa2005Expansion Set
Champions of Kamigawa2004Expansion Set
Fifth Dawn2004Expansion Set
Darksteel2004Expansion Set
Mirrodin2003Expansion Set
Eighth Edition2003Core Set
Scourge2003Expansion Set
Legions2003Expansion Set
Onslaught2002Expansion Set
Judgment2002Expansion Set
Torment2002Expansion Set
Odyssey2001Expansion Set
Apocalypse2001Expansion Set
Seventh Edition2001Core Set
Planeshift2001Expansion Set
Beatdown2000Box Set
Invasion2000Expansion Set
Prophecy2000Expansion Set
Starter 20002000Starter Set
Nemesis2000Expansion Set
Battle Royale1999Box Set
Mercadian Masques1999Expansion Set
Starter 19991999Starter Set
Urza’s Destiny1999Expansion Set
Portal Three Kingdoms1999Starter Set
Sixth Edition1999Core Set
Urza’s Legacy1999Expansion Set
Anthologies1998Box Set
Urza’s Saga1998Expansion Set
Portal Second Age1998Starter Set
Exodus1998Expansion Set
Stronghold1998Expansion Set
Tempest1997Expansion Set
Weatherlight1997Expansion Set
Portal1997Starter Set
Fifth Edition1997Core Set
Visions1997Expansion Set
Mirage1996Expansion Set
Alliances1996Expansion Set
Homelands1995Expansion Set
Renaissance1995Compilation Set
Chronicles1995Compilation Set
Ice Age1995Expansion Set
Fourth Edition1995Core Set
Fallen Empires1994Expansion Set
The Dark1994Expansion Set
Legends1994Expansion Set
Revised Edition1994Core Set
Antiquities1994Expansion Set
Arabian Nights1993Expansion Set
Unlimited Edition1993Core Set
Beta / Limited Edition Beta1993Core Set
Alpha / Limited Edition Alpha1993Core Set

This comprehensive list encompasses the entire history of Magic: The Gathering sets, from the latest releases to the very beginning of the game’s history.

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