MTG Setlist: All Magic: The Gathering Sets in Order

Upcoming Magic: the Gathering Sets

Set NameRelease Date
Murders at Karlov ManorFebruary 2024
Ravnica: Clue EditionFebruary 2024
FalloutMarch 2024
Modern Horizons IIIQ2 2024
Outlaws of Thunder JunctionQ2 2024
Assassin’s CreedJuly 2024
BloomburrowQ3 2024
Duskmourn: House of HorrorQ3 2024
Innistrad RemasteredQ1 2025
Final Fantasy2025

MTG Core Sets

Magic: The Gathering Core Sets are foundational sets that provide a stable base for the game, introducing new players to the world of Magic and serving as a consistent source of essential cards for established players. These sets typically feature a mix of familiar elements, such as iconic creatures and spells, as well as new cards and mechanics to keep the game fresh. Core Sets are released annually, and each edition adds new cards while retiring older ones to maintain game balance. They play a crucial role in shaping the metagame and providing players with staple cards that remain relevant in various formats.

Set NameRelease Date
Core Set 2021July 2020
Core Set 2020July 2019
Core Set 2019July 2018
Magic OriginsJuly 2015
Magic 2015July 2014
Magic 2014July 2013
Magic 2013July 2012
Magic 2012July 2011
Magic 2011July 2010
Magic 2010July 2009
Tenth EditionJuly 2007
Ninth EditionJuly 2005
Eighth EditionJuly 2003
Seventh EditionApril 2001
Sixth EditionApril 1999
Fifth EditionMarch 1997
Fourth EditionMay 1995
Revised EditionApril 1994
Unlimited EditionDecember 1993
Beta (Limited Edition)October 1993
Alpha (Limited Edition)August 1993

MTG Expansion Sets

Magic: The Gathering Expansion Sets are the lifeblood of the game, injecting exciting new themes, mechanics, and storylines into the Magic universe. These sets introduce players to different planes, realms, and adventures, often building upon existing lore or creating entirely new narratives.

Expansion Sets typically follow a specific theme, such as Greek mythology-inspired Theros or the high-fantasy world of Eldraine, offering players a diverse range of experiences. These sets also bring a fresh batch of cards with unique abilities, often pushing the boundaries of gameplay and strategy. Expansion Sets keep Magic dynamic and evolving, ensuring that players always have something new to explore and master in the ever-expanding Multiverse.

Set NameRelease Date
The Lost Caverns of IxalanNovember 2023
Wilds of EldraineSeptember 2023
March of the MachineApril 2023
Phyrexia: All Will Be OneFebruary 2023
The Brothers’ WarNovember 2022
Dominaria UnitedSeptember 2022
Streets of New CapennaMay 2022
Kamigawa: Neon DynastyFebruary 2022
Innistrad: Crimson VowNovember 2021
Innistrad: Midnight HuntSeptember 2021
Dungeons & Dragons: Adventures in the Forgotten RealmsJuly 2021
Strixhaven: School of MagesApril 2021
KaldheimFebruary 2021
Zendikar RisingSeptember 2020
Ikoria: Lair of BehemothsApril 2020
Theros Beyond DeathJanuary 2020
Throne of EldraineOctober 2019
War of the SparkMay 2019
Ravnica AllegianceJanuary 2019
Guilds of RavnicaOctober 2018
DominariaApril 2018
Rivals of IxalanJanuary 2018
IxalanSeptember 2017
Hour of DevastationJuly 2017
AmonkhetApril 2017
Aether RevoltJanuary 2017
KaladeshSeptember 2016
Eldritch MoonJuly 2016
Shadows over InnistradApril 2016
Oath of the GatewatchJanuary 2016
Battle for ZendikarOctober 2015
Dragons of TarkirMarch 2015
Fate ReforgedJanuary 2015
Khans of TarkirOctober 2014
Journey into NyxMay 2014
Born of the GodsFebruary 2014
TherosSeptember 2013
Dragon’s MazeMay 2013
GatecrashFebruary 2013
Return to RavnicaOctober 2012
Avacyn RestoredMay 2012
Dark AscensionFebruary 2012
InnistradSeptember 2011
New PhyrexiaMay 2011
Mirrodin BesiegedFebruary 2011
Scars of MirrodinOctober 2010
Rise of the EldraziApril 2010
WorldwakeFebruary 2010
ZendikarOctober 2009
Alara RebornApril 2009
ConfluxFebruary 2009
Shards of AlaraOctober 2008
EventideJuly 2008
ShadowmoorMay 2008
MorningtideFebruary 2008
LorwynOctober 2007
Tenth EditionJuly 2007
Planar ChaosFebruary 2007
Time SpiralOctober 2006
Time Shifted CardsOctober 2006
ColdsnapJuly 2006
DissensionMay 2006
GuildpactFebruary 2006
Ravnica: City of GuildsOctober 2005
Ninth EditionJuly 2005
Saviors of KamigawaJune 2005
Betrayers of KamigawaFebruary 2005
Champions of KamigawaOctober 2004
Fifth DawnJune 2004
DarksteelFebruary 2004
MirrodinOctober 2003
Eighth EditionJuly 2003
ScourgeMay 2003
LegionsJanuary 2003
OnslaughtOctober 2002
JudgmentMay 2002
TormentFebruary 2002
OdysseyOctober 2001
ApocalypseJune 2001
PlaneshiftFebruary 2001
InvasionOctober 2000
ProphecyJune 2000
NemesisFebruary 2000
Mercadian MasquesOctober 1999
Urza’s DestinyJune 1999
Urza’s LegacyFebruary 1999
Urza’s SagaOctober 1998
ExodusJune 1998
StrongholdFebruary 1998
TempestOctober 1997
WeatherlightJune 1997
VisionsFebruary 1997
MirageOctober 1996
AlliancesJune 1996
Ice AgeJune 1995
HomelandsOctober 1995
ChroniclesJuly 1995
Fallen EmpiresNovember 1994
The DarkAugust 1994
LegendsJune 1994
AntiquitiesMarch 1994
Arabian NightsDecember 1993
Alpha (Limited Edition)August 1993

Wrapping Up

Magic: The Gathering (MTG) encompasses a diverse array of sets, with Core Sets serving as the foundation of the game, providing stability and essential cards, while Expansion Sets breathe life into the Magic universe, offering new themes, mechanics, and stories for players to engage with. Together, these two types of sets create a dynamic and ever-evolving experience for MTG enthusiasts, ensuring that both newcomers and seasoned players can find excitement and strategy within the rich tapestry of the Multiverse. Whether you’re drawn to the timeless classics of Core Sets or the thrilling adventures of Expansion Sets, Magic: The Gathering continues to captivate players worldwide with its endless possibilities and strategic depth.

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